Pool Chemicals

Having the proper compounds and chemicals can help ensure that your pool is clean, clear and ready for your enjoyment. If you need to replenish your supply of pool chemicals, request them when booking your maintenance and our pool technician will bring them on the day of your appointment.

If you’re cleaning your pool yourself, stop by our Winnipeg location and choose from our great selection. We only sell the same great stock that is used by our certified technicians so you can be sure that you’re buying the best product at a great price.

Here’s a sample of the selection available in our store:

CAPO Pool Opening Kit $45.00
Get your water ready for the season with the CAPO pool opening kit. Includes 1l Oxy out, 1l Formula 500 and 1l Meta Sol.

Super Tabs 6kg $48.95
Slow dissolving, stabilized chlorinating granules.

Pool Shock 6kg $49.95
Unstabilized chlorinating granules to help control the bacteria and algae growth within your pool.

AquaMagic Cleaning Kit - $35.95
A quick and easy cartridge cleaning kits for your pool filter. Efficient filtration for longer filter cycles.

Phosphate Remover 1L - $19.95
For Salt water Pools, The Pool Boss Phosphate remover helps take the phosphates out of your pool.

TNL Cleaner 650mL - $13.95
Cleans vinyl, tile and chrome. Effectively removes grease and stubborn stains from your pool.

Oxy Out 1kg - $13.95
A Nonchlorine shock. This product removes contaminants that cause cloudy water.

MetaSol 1L - $17.95
MetaSol helps to control scale formation within your pool & prevents staining.

Fresh Start 1L - $14.95
Get a fresh start by using this product to clean sand filters. It also loosens scum and scale build ups.

Formula 6000 1L - $29.95
A nonfoaming solution that controls algae (60%) in pool water for increased clarity.

Formula 500 1L - $20.95
Reduces chlorine demand and controls algae in pool water (40%).

C-Clear 1L - $17.95
Concentrated liquid floc restores water clarity without any pH adjustment.

Acid Magic 3.78L - $18.95
Acid Magic is a full strength muriaticbased product formulated to ship, use, and store easier than standard muriatic acid.

Pool Test Strips - $14.95
Understand the pH of your water. Just dip the pool strip in the water and compare to chart on bottle.

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NOTE: Shipping charges may apply for customers outside the City of Winnipeg.