Spa Chemicals

Keep your spa clean and spectacular with the right mix of quality chemicals from Cabana Pool Service. If you need specific items to maintain your spa, simply request them when booking your spa maintenance and our technician will bring them for you on the day of your cleaning

If you’re maintaining your spa personally, stop by our Winnipeg store and choose from our great selection of chemicals. We only sell stock that is used by our certified technicians in the field so you can be sure that you’re buying the best product at a great price.

Here’s a sample of the selection available in our store:

Spa Test Strips - $14.95
Understand the pH of your spa water. Simply dip strip in spa water and compare to chart on bottle.

X-it 200g - $6.95
X-it solution eliminates chlorine and bromine residuals from your spa.


Deluxe Floating Chlor/Brom Holder - $14.95
A handy holder for your hut tub, simply add tabs, drop it in and let it float in the water.

Spa shock 1kg - $17.95
Destroys organic contaminants within your hot tub water to restore clarity.

Spa shock 3kg - $27.95
Destroys organic contaminants within your hot tub water to restore clarity.

Spa Tabs 2kg - $25.95
Stabalized chlorinating tablets that control bacteria and algae in spa water.

Alka Rise 750g - $12.95
Raises the total alkalinity to prevent pH bounce within your spa water.

Cal-Rise 680g - $12.95
Raises the calcium hardness of your spa water.

Ph Booster 750g - $13.95
Helps to prevent skin and eye irritation by raising the ph of the hot tub water.

Prevent II 500mL - $13.95
Eliminates & prevents staining and scale formation in your spa. Also helps to clarify cloudy water.

Spa Clear 500mL - $11.95
Adds brilliance back to spa water without affecting the pH level.

Whirlpool rinse 500mL - $12.95
Effectively degreases your spa and removes residue from the hot tub's internal plumbing system.

Defoamer 500mL - $12.95
Eliminates and prevents foaming within your hot tub.

Brom Aid 1L - $15.95
For use with the SpaBoss Energize to control bacteria and algae within your spa.

Energize 1kg - $15.95
Activate bromine sanitation and controls bacteria and algae within the water.

Bromine Tabs 1.5kg - $29.95
Slow dissolving sanitizer tablets for your hot tub.

Free Delivery for purchases over $100.00 made within the City of Winnipeg.
NOTE: Shipping charges may apply for customers outside the City of Winnipeg.