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Free Water Testing and Advice

Free Water Testing and Advice

Free Water Testing and Advice

Great quality water is the most important aspect of having a pool or hot tub that you can truly enjoy. Get the most out of your pool or spa by making sure the water is balanced to stay clean and comfortable.

Regular water testing helps you to save money on pool chemicals and annual maintenance. We're happy to help you learn about the water chemistry in your area so you can make your pool or hot tub a hassle free experience.

Drop by our store or give us a call and we'll help answer your pool and water questions. Our friendly staff has been helping families in Winnipeg and surrounding areas maintain their swimming pools for many years.

There isn't much we haven't seen or dealt with and no question is a silly one we're here to help.

Ask our Experts: Come in for a Free Water Test

Bring a sample of your water into our Winnipeg location for a free test. This free test includes a full analysis of your pool or hot tub water.

Heather, our expert lab technician, will help analyse the water chemistry then make recommendations on how you might improve your pool conditions. We also offer free sample water bottles to help you ensure the accuracy of your water test results. In addition to a full water analysis we can also test for metals, total dissolved solids, and salinity levels (salt content).

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